Casa Cipriani

Commitment with style

Our Mission

Our commitment is to create a better life for our community. We firmly believe that a more conscious and sustainable world is possible, we work every day to improve relationships, to strengthen them through an approach to our craft based on sound principles and reflected by our philosophy of hospitality: a tradition of simple and positive luxury.

We move to create a rich and sustainable experience for our guests while respecting the environment. Thus, our mission is to offer uncompromising luxury while ensuring minimal environmental and social impact.

Our Responsability

Our first step is to accept our responsibilities: at Casa Cipriani, we are committed to being part of the change by dedicating in all our daily actions a constant use of time, skills, resources and ideas.

Each of us has different skills and experiences. The more we can share our challenges, the more opportunities for collective learning and deepening.
There is no simple solution; it is a slow and painstaking process made up of a series of small milestones that we are prepared to achieve. This is just the beginning.


Our Manifesto

Commitment. Care. Community. Change


We are committed to preserving and regenerating the environment and leaving a positive and lasting impact on our local community.
At Casa Cipriani we focus on promoting positive actions through business ethics, responsible tourism, environmental sustainability, community involvement, diversity and inclusion.
Casa Cipriani believes that it is necessary to protect the community and local culture by supporting it and investing in long-term projects that can give real value to the word sustainability.


We care for the world in which we live, from the planet to the people. Sustainability philosophies are core values for our House. Our focus is to follow the highest standards of luxury hospitality, thinking about meaningful choices in order to provide impeccable service in a sustainable and responsible way that benefits our guests, colleagues and local communities. As members of the Milan community, we care for our beautiful city. Reducing our environmental impact, offering a luxury experience committed to increasing sustainability.


At Casa Cipriani each member of our team is considered an active and irreplaceable part of our family. Their hard work and dedication are what makes us one of the best and most prestigious providers of luxury hospitality in the world. Just as they are dedicated to providing the best possible experience for our guests, as a company we are committed to providing a safe and pleasant work environment for all of our employees and associates. Each member of our community understands that being sustainable is not only about being friendly and environmentally conscious but also about meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs. We believe that the collaboration of our community ensures high ethical, social and environmental performance by promoting equality and diversity and ensuring the quality of services and the exemplary nature of our club.


We believe that we need to embark on a new path and that we are only at the beginning of progressive change. But we are not alone in this transition: we are all in this together. We need to think that we are all a part of this change, and a cooperation is in our view the key to the implementation of a single grand common goal achievable only through many different little steps. As a luxury club we have an ethical as well as a social responsibility to change, conducting our actions always with transparency, honesty and control. At Casa Cipriani, change means imagining alternative and innovative solutions, promoting the sustainable turnaround to influence the luxury sector and sharing our knowledge based on an open-source model

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